There is LOVE in the air.

I am in Love....

….. With the weather in Southern California.  I know it sounds silly, but believe me, coming from a gray country in Europe changes the perspective a little.

In my country of origin, it sometimes stayed dark for several weeks in a row.  When it started raining or being cold, you knew when it began but never when it would end.  The great thing about Southern California, it starts raining - IF it starts raining in the first place - and usually the next day (or maybe a few days) the sun comes out again. What’s not to love about that.  I met several people in Southern California that told me they really like rain, but I wonder if they ever experienced gray and gloom for weeks on end and if they still would like that.

Maybe you experienced the same as so many others have, that gloomy, gray and dark weather make you want to hide and crawl back in bed.  Imagine if this weather sticks around for several weeks, it can totally alter your mood.  Some studies suggest that rainy weather has an effect on our attention and alertness. In several countries, they are using ‘light therapy’ so people’s mood can improve again. I wouldn’t recommend starting this therapy by yourself, always consult your doctor or mental health provider.

I assume the title made you think my blog would be about relationships since it’s the month of February, but weather can have a big influence on ourselves and relationships.  

There is some science that indicates that colder weather wants us to cuddle more.  

All those inside activities can make you feel more lonely and have people desire a more serious relationship.  There is even a name for it: "cuffing season." Valentine’s Day adds some extra pressure for many singles with all the marketing and sales.  There are several ideas singles can do to get through this gray period.  One of the good solutions to get rid of the blues is exercise. Another one is to surround yourself with people you care about and do something fun or celebrate yourself; you deserve it.

If you are having a difficult time in this season due to feeling lonely/blue during Valentine’s Day, check out our therapy for adults then think about Southern California’s great weather.  After a (few) day(s) of gray/rainy weather, the sun will come out tomorrow….. If you would like some guidance in finding these sun rays - sparks of hope, don’t hesitate to contact me or one of our other clinicians at Central Counseling Services.   We are available six days a week at (951) 778-0230 if you need any assistance or guidance.