Have you been a victim of a crime? We are here to help you work through the trauma and help get you back to feeling like you once again. We know how disorienting you can feel after you have experienced a crime. You may feel scared, helpless, fearful, angry, betrayed. You may also have other feelings like shame, guilt or profound sadness. We understand your frustration and unstable emotions you may be feeling. We are here ready to sit with you and walk with you down this uncharted path. Our clients tell us that our unwavering support allowed them to regain their power and to begin their recovery.  We see victims not as victims but as survivors. We work to impart knowledge by explaining the court process, building resiliency, write victim statements and we have even gone to court with our clients to help provide support. We want to ensure that justice is being received by our clients. We have extensive knowledge and experience in different court rooms settings: juvenile dependency court, civil court and criminal courts. We work well with Victims of Crime (VOC) to access the funding necessary for treatment. Call us today and let's together start the healing process.