Immigration Evaluations

Life presents many different challenges. The decision to leave one's homeland and set-up a new life takes courage, hard work and a strong desire to provide for opportunities to one's family.  Some people are forced to leave their country because of war, persecution, lack of resources, poverty or human rights violations. Others chose to leave for better work opportunities, school, safety or to raise the stand of living. No matter what reason you have chosen to come to the United States you and your family have started a new beginning.         

Unfortunately, staying in United States has become harder for many families. As Immigration services steps up enforcement and deportations. As a result many families are being ripped apart. Mothers or fathers are being deported or denied retry into the U.S. This is causing depression, stress, heartache, and lots of anxiety for all family members.

We know that there are many hoops to jump through to obtain legal status to remain or return to U.S.. We wanted to help and be part of the solution for many families. We can help you by conducting the mental health evaluation (Hardship, Asylum, Domestic Violence).  We are passionate about making the report comprehensive; including testing. We have a quick turn around time, usually within two weeks. All evaluations are completed by licences therapists that have a wealth of experience and are dedicated to making a difference.

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