Does this sound like you and your loved one? The video is funny but  it's not funny when you and your partner are trying to talk to each other but you just can't seem to get their point. Or you are speaking clearly but your honey looks back at you with that blank stare as if to say "I have not idea what you are talking about". Sometimes you just need a third person to help you figure out how to say something and really be heard. Or to learn how to really hear what your partner is trying to say.  The two of you used to be best friends; lets get that relationship back.

This is where Central Counseling Services can help.

We are experts in communication and working with couples. We can help you put your relationship back on track. We help couples that have been together for many years when something changes and they no longer can speak to each other. We also help new couples just trying to sort out how they fit together and how to fit well. Whatever, has happened within your relationship we can help you and your partner sort it out and develop a plan. Don't wait any longer call us today and let's talk about that nail.

What do you do if your partner doesn't want to come?

We can still help. We will work with you to learn better communication skills, better listening skills and to develop higher self worth and self esteem that diminishes with every fight.  At some point hopefully your partner will want to come in to work directly on the relationship.  The great opportunity that couple's therapy provides clients' is the ability to look at things differently, to learn communication skills, to understand the values your partner and you have and to learn to love each other again. We will teach your tools to work as a team, to make decisions that become a win for both of you. However, we still can make progress even if your partner never steps foot in our office. 


Stop the fighting, stop the tears, begin to recreate your relationship. It can get better.  Call us today. (951) 778-0230 or email us for more information: