When does my child need therapy? 

When you or your child's teacher notice that your child is struggling, it can be difficult to determine the next step. Sometimes children go through phases, sometimes they need more structure, hugs, information, discipline, and sometimes just  more time to grow. However, if you think you child suffers from depression, anxiety or is having trouble socially it maybe time to check in for some professional help.  

kids struggle for a variety of reasons including life or family changes, struggles at school, learning problems, divorce, grief, loss of a pet or many other reasons. As adults we too sometimes struggle to express how we feel and what we need to help us feel better. Kids can often act out and display behavioral problems and when you ask them "why are you acting like this?" they simply can't tell you! They are not trying to keep it in they just do not know. 

Is therapy right for my child? 

If you are trying to determine if therapy is the right next step for your child, we'd love to help. Give us a call and we can help you assess the possible benefits. We provide child counseling and parenting coaching, in our central  office in Riverside, CA. 

Our Child's Therapists Speak The Right Language.

Because children relate to the world differently than adults do, our children's therapists have learned to speak the language of a child; play. Children express their feelings through play and non verbal behaviors. Our children's therapists have the skills and education you want for your child and the playful and curious side that your child will respond to. Our clinicians can help your child with negative behaviors, expressing feelings, increase self worth, emotional strength and develop better relationships.  Give us a call at for your free 15 minute phone consultation.