Our standard fees:


  • We have 6 licensed therapists, 6 interns, and a practicum student available to provide services for you.  

  • The fees range from $100.00 to $150 per 50 minute session for ongoing individual, couples & family counseling and dependant on the therapist experience. All our therapists have eraned their Master's Degrees and have at least two intern placements before being employed at CCS.

  • All of our staff continue to receive continuing education on an ongoing basis, as well as weekly supervision.

  • Co-parenting classes (4-6 weeks) are $250.00 per person.

  • $25.00 Emergency Phone therapy 15 minutes (for on-going clients only)

  • $100.00 For any letter required to be written on your behalf.

  • Birth parent adoption counseling $150.00 per hour. If there is travel involved it will be $0.55/mile, and travel time is pro-rated at the hourly fee.

  • Adoption Services Fees depend upon the circumstances. A contract will be in place prior to any services being delivered with the cost clearly stated. Fee range from $700.00-$1500.00. Most insurance will not cover these costs.

  • We do not offer a sliding scale; we do offer two limited fee reduction slots for special circumstances; please talk to your therapist for more details.

  • All fees are expected to be paid in full prior to each session.  Central Counseling Services accepts cash, credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express) and personal checks.

  • Appointment Cancellation: We adhere to a 24 hour advance notice cancellation policy. You are expected to pay for your session if you do not cancel within 24 hours. Insurance does not cover this cost. 

  • We still bill some insurance, but there are several reasons we are now limiting that:

    • One reason is that to bill insurance we must assign a mental health diagnosis, and many times clients simply want to come in to work things out in their lives, and don’t want or even fit a diagnosis. They may also not want to have that information released to their insurance company. Many of our clients want to have complete confidentiality and do not elect to use their insurance. 

    • We are also moving away from insurance because there are so many different mental health subcontracting companies that we cannot guarantee that we will be paid; that leaves our clients responsible for payment and we do not think a surprise bill is fair or just. It also leaves our clients unexpectedly owing us, and we do not like clients to feel they were misled. We’ve found that while we may appear on an insurance company’s provider list, the subcontractor will choose not to honor that list.

    • We accept payment at the time of your appointment, and we will provide a statement for you to bill your insurance or medical savings or flexible spending account. We accept checks, credit cards, and cash at the time of appointment. 

    • Most of our paperwork for your first appointment is available online if you would like to complete it early and have more time for your first appointment.

      • We do ask for a credit card to schedule an appointment to hold it for you. We do not charge it unless there is a no-call, no-show. That ensures your therapist is available for you, and that we can set a schedule that works for you.  

      • Currently we accept the following insurance:

        ACI Specialty Benefits, Aetna, Behavioral Health Systems, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Business Health Services, College Health/CHIPA, Coventry Health Care, EAPrefer, HealthNet, IEHP, Integrated Health Plan, MHN,  Value Options (Not guaranteed), Victim Witness, most PPO Plans. Please note: as explained above, you are still 100% responsible for your fees if your insurance company denies your claim. 

        Finally, you need to be aware that many insurance companies do not cover counseling for personal growth issues including relationships and or couples therapy. 


Concierge Services:

We offer premium services that may be a good fit you, if you are an office strapped executive and you would like us to come to your place of business, or maybe you are a working mom with a hectic work schedule that needs weekend hours these services are just right for you. For an additional fee we can make your experience even more convenient for you. Most Insurance plans will not cover these services.

  • Weekend Hours: $150.00 per 50 minute hour.

  • Video Conference Therapy $150.00 Most insurance will not cover the entire cost

  • Off-site Therapy: $250.00 per 50 minute hour plus travel time. (Portal to portal) 

Other options maybe available just speak to your therapist.

Adoption Service Provider Advisement Policy

Adoption Fees: It is standard procedure to have all fees paid to all parties prior to processing your paperwork. Therefore, please pay all outstanding fees upon receipt, or you will slow down your adoption process. A supplemental fee statement will be given to you at the time of signing the adoption consent. Please be prepared to pay at that time. Save copies of all fee statements and give them to your attorney; the court needs a full accounting of expenses paid. Some of these fees can be reimbursed by the Federal Adoption Tax Credit. 

Travel: Ideally, having the birth parents come to this office contains costs. However, if that is not possible travel time will be a separate charge as outlined above.

Out of Area Services: Occasionally an out of area Advisement is needed. This also means clearing the schedule quickly. Fees for such a service differ and will include airfare and hotel fees if applicable, a door-to-door hourly fee and the basic fee for the Advisement will be charged.  

All Adoption Services are provided by California licensed LCSW or LMFT and we are certified Adoption Service Providers (ASP).

Central Counseling Services is Committed to providing quality services and we will make every effort to complete all necessary paperwork in a timely manner to facilitate your adoption and provide you with peace of mind.