How do you see us if you have Kaiser?

Central Counseling Services has a contract with Beacon, which manages patients access to care outside the Kaiser system. If you are a Kaiser member you may be able to use your benefits to see our staff for the cost of your co-pay. (If you have Kaiser Medi-Cal or some ACA plans you may not be allowed by Kaiser to go outside their system.)

How do you access CCS for your care?

  • Call your local Kaiser Mental Health office and schedule an intake appointment.

  • Attend the appointment and tell the intake therapist that you have an established relationship with CCS and want to come here for your care.

  • Have the intake person send a request for a Beacon referral to their in-house Beacon liaison and get that person’s.

  • Check back with that person in three days to ensure it has been processed.

  • When Beacon calls they will give you the referral number, number of sessions, and co-pay. With that you can call us and schedule your appointment.