Life after A loss is choosing to start over when you would rather not.

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest challenges any of us faces. Grief is that experience when we reach out for a hand that’s suddenly no longer there. Nobody but you knows your experience. Grief support provides a place for you to share about your loss, to understand how other losses impact your unique experience, and to work through those losses to find your new reality. Your path will never, ever be the same again. But your new path will join your old one when you are ready .

 There isn't a set time for grieving. There are no rules. Take the time you need. This is your loss, your experience. Even if others are missing the same person, each of you has your own perspective and each of you are mourning a different relationship. Moving to your new normal will happen on your timetable,  and you will know what your steps are to reach it.

Grief & Loss Riverside, CA

Sometimes the people around you won't understand your journey. They don't need to. It’s not for them.



Children need extra support when a loved one dies. That’s often hard for parents who are also grieving. Grieving children respond well to play and art therapy to express their feelings, puppets to answer questions, and having a safe space where they can talk without fear that they will make other grieving family members sadder. Children do not usually need extensive therapy- they need to start their own process with family support.

Families helping grieving children need to know what words to use to talk about death, how to address the fears that naturally occur when children face the death of a loved one, and how to include them in memorial events.


Download a free e-book copy of The Grief Recovery Method Guide for Loss here

Central Counseling Services offers the following Grief and Loss Programs.

Grief Support Programs In our office

  • Individual and family counseling: Our therapists are skilled in providing support and addressing the issues that surface when death and other losses occur.  Jill Johnson-Young, LCSW, is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and a former hospice social worker with many years of experience.
  • Play therapy for childrencreates a healing environment for children to talk through their grief in a safe space. Parents and extended family are provided with support to continue the process at home. We utilize the "When Children Grieve" book, which is available on Amazon.
  • Grief Recovery Method 8 and 4 week groups: Grief recovery groups are 12 weeks in length. They are designed to work through the layers of our lives that become tangled in when we are grieving.
  • 4 week facilitated groups: 4 week facilitated support groups can be provided at your location or our office for up to twelve participants.

New Online Grief Program support

  • New Grief Recovery online Support program: "Your Path Through Grief" is an original comprehensive program that is 100% online. You'll receive education and support throughout your recovery journey, including daily e-mails, weekly blog posts, and a private online community of others that are going through the grieving process. 


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