Central Counseling Services offers a 4-week (8 units) Co-parenting class. We have classes running monthly. Our Co-parenting classes are unique as we tailor each class to the participants' needs and provide you with "real" solutions that work to help you co-parent better.   

Be the Best Parent You Can Be

We understand that you never thought you would be divorced or separated. The hurt you feel is real and terrible and now you must find a way to set that hurt and distrust aside and learn to work with your child's other parent. Some days it may be easy, other days it may be very hard. However, you know it must be done for the sake of your child. We understand how frustrating this time in your life can be. We are here to help you. We are Court Certified Co-Parenting Educators. We will help you and the child's other parent resolve your conflict and develop a workable plan. We will help you move your focus from hurt and anger to a more cooperative parenting style. As parents you only want what is best for your child. We are here to help you with sorting out visitation, co-parenting plans, coping with feelings, child support issues, and finding your new normal. A certificate will be granted once all the classes have been completed.  Co-parenting should include both parents in the same 4 week session to gain ultimate benefit. Many courts order both parents to attend the  same class at the same time. However, if your circumstances dictate only one parent will attend class we will warmly welcome you, and commend you for your commitment to be your better self and for being open to the process. Change can still happen. 

We offer a couple of options for co-parenting classes:

1. A 4-week Group (8 Units) in-person class that meets once a week for 2 hours. Call to find out when our next dates/times are.  These classes will be tailored to your needs with time each week for your specific questions. Cost is $250.00/per person.

2. One-on-One parenting classes Individual (8-12 units) these classes are highly specialized to meet your individual  needs. They are designed to focus specifically on your child and family so we can facilitate you and the other parent developing the best possible outcomes. Parenting plans can be completed in this class. These are pre-scheduled in 1-3 hour blocks depending on need. $130.00/per hour.

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The video below was an interview with Julie Azevedo-Hanks, LCSW from Utah that really has some good points to share about co-parenting.  Her information will really help get you off to a good start in the world of co-parenting.