Vision for 2015

How’s your life going?


Have you thought about your life and how is it really going? Are you happy with the direction? Do you want a change? Have you never thought much about it at all? Or is it the only thing you think about? As the year 2014, comes to an end it we often see lists of top ten, a look back at the year or reviews of what 2014 has been in the news, music, science, entertainment or politics arenas; but what about you? When was the last time you sat down for longer than about 10 minutes to really think about you to contemplate your life and where you want to go?

What is your vision?

 I hate New Year’s resolutions. I do like the concept of thinking about things you would like changed or places to want to see or social behaviors you want to do, like be kinder, nicer, say no or are willing do or be________(fill in the blank, so many possibilities.) So why do I hate resolutions so much? I love goals and evaluating where I can grow to be better, learn more accomplish more. But I hate the word resolution because it never seems to work, we all set goals and things we want to change. To lose weight, spend less, study more…but after about three weeks our will power and motivation decreases and we are back to old routines and habits. Then we feel bad, ashamed and again like a failure. I hate that feeling and I am sure you do too. So let’s not set a resolution! Great it’s all settled.

But then how do we look at our life? How do we set goals and change behaviors? This past year I have been working with my clients to help them stay in the present, to focus on one thing at a time, to be mindful of their thoughts, to enjoying the moments one at the time, to stop living in the past or future only. All these techniques can help reduce stress, build better relationships and increase happiness. But are goals then a thing of the past? No but what if we set an intention? We deliberately set our mind set on what we really want out of 2015.

Let’s create a vision or action board.

Both of these activities focus us on what we want to change and allow us to be creative in our approach. To use our imaginations, to think about how and what we want to change, do or become. I am suggesting you use a vision board to create your “Dream 2015” a final product if you will. However, I am also suggesting you go one step further and define the actions to get to the end. 

Let you mind go, imagine what your life can be like.

Let you mind go, imagine what your life can be like.

How do we make this vision board?

1.     Set our environment to allow for space, use good lighting, music, and set the intention. To create your list, your life the way you want it.  Be kind to yourself, allow all ideas to flow, watch the negativity.  Be open to the process, be open to learning. Create a mindful space and space that is safe and protects your ability to dream and create.

2.     Take poster paper or blank cardboard. I would recommend at least 22” x 28”  Big enough to dream but small enough to handle easily.

3.     Take pictures or phrase from magazines use different ones to give you a large variety. But if you can’t find magazines, draw pictures, use computer imagines or photos. You see you are only limited by your imagination.

4.     Glue onto the board or draw on your board.

5.     Use bright colors, color pencils, markers or sharpies to write words to accompany your pictures or words of encouragement, inspiration or motivation. 

6.      Hang up your board where you can see it frequently.


Samples of vision boards can be found on Pinrest or Jack Canfield explains more details in his article: How to Create an Empowering Vision Board Christine Kane also explains about three different types of vision boards in her article: How to Make Vision Boards.

Now step back and look at that board. Ask yourself this tough question:

What can I do this week to make this goal a reality?


Brainstorm a few ideas and then write yourself a weekly action plan.  Then start the action, a little at a time. One step leads to another. Even one action a week can lead to 40-50 actions by the end of the year.  Great things can happen that way.


Monthly review your actions look at what you have accomplished, celebrate success for these actions. If you have not taken any action then again ask yourself why? What is holding you back? Do you really want to achieve what’s on your vision board? Have your goals changed? Once you know those answers you can then make the changes you need.


By focusing on your goals with intention, planning, vision and actions you can achieve many wonderful ideas to shape and change your life for the better.  Here’s to our visions for a

 GREAT 2015!