Sibling rivalry? Here's a solution! (printable 💌)

What's very frustrating, exhausting, and upsetting?

Dealing with a sibling rivalry.

Arguing, name-calling, tattling, physical fighting, competition, comparison — if you have more than one child, this all probably sounds familiar.

The good news is YOU can help minimize sibling rivalry and help your children form a loving, supportive bond instead.

This week's FREE PRINTABLE and ARTICLE are excellent tools to start with!



The 25 Ways to Be a Kind Sibling poster has tons of simple ideas siblings can do for each other to show kindness.

Check out HOW TO USE the printable here:

Have your children make the Sibling Kindness Star.

Cut out it and have your kids leave it behind every time they do kind things for each other.

This great suggestion came from one of our Facebook group members! She wrote:

"We took a star from our Christmas tree...its shiny and silver. Made it our SERVICE STAR... they do random kind acts sneakily for the other one and leave the star where they did the act... It's FUN! They love it when it happens to them."

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The printable also includes a Sibling Kindness Jar activity. 

Cut out the strips included in the printable, fold and place in a jar. Siblings can take turns picking out the jar and doing kind things for one another.


If you're committed to help your children form the LOVING bond, be sure to check this out:

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Credit to: Big Life Journal