Happiness is an inside job

Happiness;  I have struggled with understanding this topic in my personal and professional life.  It is something that we all desire in our lives, but rarely seem to attain for long.  In my experience, happiness is felt more as tiny glimpses rather than long, drawn out experiences.  It can be upsetting for most people to accept that most of life is filled with more mediocre days than happy ones,

but there are some things we can do to improve the likelihood of happy experiences. 

1.         Gratitude - Very often we find ourselves chasing after new possessions, relationships or career opportunities.  If we are able to identify the things we have in our lives NOW that we enjoy we can more thoroughly enjoy our day-to-day experience.  Creating a gratitude list on a weekly or daily basis would be great exercise to build our daily experience of happiness


2.         Connection - Sometimes we can be so bogged down by our daily experiences that we can forget our impact on others and that there are other people out in the world experiencing very similar things!  I would suggest to reach out to a person that you care about and to share time with them for an afternoon.  Being open about our experiences with others and inquiring about how they view their world can be very connecting.


3.         Nature - There’s something to be said about the the wind rush through the trees at your favorite mountain location or hearing the waves crash at the beach and feeling the sand between your toes.  When we are in nature we can better see life without the buzz of our phones or other artificial stimuli.  I’ve found that it’s during that quiet space that I can see what is truly important, recharge my mind and feel connected to the overall larger world.

There is even an App for happiness developed by Sonja Lyubomirsky, UCR professor of psychology and author of the book “The How of Happiness,”  created the “Live Happy App for”The iPhone.

There are always more options that we can engage in to increase our level of happiness and therapy can be an opportunity to discover more about oneself while fine tuning our thoughts and behaviors as well.  If you would like to work on your happiness level or would like to work with Eric, please call today to schedule an appointment!


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