Adoption Service Provider

The role of the Adoption Service Provider (ASP) was created in 1995 by SB 1148 to help streamline the adoption process and to advocate for the birth mother. The ASP is an Independent Contractor who works with several facilitators and attorneys.

What Is Adoption?

Adoption means taking a child into your home as a permanent family member. It means caring for and guiding children through their growing years and beyond. It means giving them the love and understanding they need to develop and grow into their full potential. Ultimately, adoption is a legal process which permanently gives parental rights to adoptive parents.

What Are Independent Adoptions?

An independent adoption is an adoption in which the birth parent selects the family for the child and places the child directly with the selected family. The act of selection by the birth parents is based on the personal knowledge of the birth parents regarding the prospective adoptive family. An adoption facilitator may also help in this process. 

Adoption Service Provider

California statute requires an Adoption Service Provider (ASP) to be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) having a minimum of five years full-time experience providing professional adoption casework services while employed by a Licensed California Adoption Agency and/or the California Department of Social Services (CDSS.) To see a completed list of California Adoption Service providers please click here

What Do Adoption Service Provider (ASP) Do?                                                     

They assist birth parents and adoptive parents with the placement of a child in an Independent Adoption. ASP meets face to face with birth parents and adoptive parents and advises both of their rights and obligations. Birth parent(s) are entitled to have a full understanding of the meaning of adoption and of all their rights and responsibilities at least ten days before the signing of the Independent Adoption Placement Agreement (AD 924 consent) and the birth of the baby must have occurred. The second meeting is with the birth parents, adoptive parents and the ASP to sign all the documents previously discussed. Birth parents are also offered individual counseling services to help them with making this important decision. ASP witness the signing of the Independent Adoption Placement Agreement by both the birth and adoptive parents.

The birth mother and birth father have the right to a minimum of three counseling sessions, if they so choose. These sessions are designed to help birth parents in the decision-making process and to assist in working through the emotional issues of grief and loss raised by giving up a child. Although, the adoptive parents pay for these services, the investment is well worth making. Counseling can save the possible future suffering and legal expenses by both parties by helping the birth parents clarify all the feelings up front.

Birth parents also receive demographic information about the adoptive parents to add in the selection and placement of the child. Adoptive parents are entitled and are provided all known biographic and medical information about the birth parent(s) once the "adoptive placement" is completed, thus they can make an informed decision about their adoption.

What Does The Adoption Placement Agreement Mean?

On the 31st day after the Adoption Placement Agreement is signed, the agreement is final and cannot be revoked. A waiver may be signed to help speed up the process. However, the birth parent must meet with Independent Counsel (other than the Adoptive parents' attorney) to be informed about the waiver. This expense is covered by the adoptive parents.

During the 30-day period the birth parents may request to reclaim the child. To do this, the birth parents must contact the Social Worker and request in writing that the child is returned.  The adoptive parents must comply with returning the child as soon as possible. In our experience, returning of a child seldoms happens. We feel that it's due to the preparation during the first meeting and openly talking about everyone's feelings.  


Adoption Services Advisement (Total ASP package)

The cost of an ASP will run between  $1000.00 -$ 1500.00 depending on what services are provided. A deposit fee of $700.00 will be paid prior to meeting a birth parent. A contract will be in place prior to any services delivered. Other fees may include depending on circumstances: overnight travel, flight costs, Indian Child Welfare Act, psychological exams, incomplete or disrupted adoptive placements or extended counseling sessions. Insurance does not normally cover any of these services. 

Adoption Service Provider Advisement Policy 

With adoption fees it is standard procedure to have all fees paid to all parties prior to processing your paperwork. Therefore, please pay all outstanding fees upon receipt, or you will slow down your adoption process. A supplemental fee statement will be given to you at the time of signing the adoption placement consent. Save copies of all fee statements and give to your attorney; the court needs a full accounting of expenses paid. Further, some of these fees can be reimbursed by the Federal Adoption Tax Credit. Click the link below to see more information about the adoption tax credit.


Ideally, having the birth parents come to this office contains costs. However, if that is not possible travel time will be a separate charge. 

 Out of Area Services

Occasionally an out of area Advisement is needed. This also means clearing the schedule quickly. Fees for such a service differ and will include airfare and hotel fees if applicable, a door-to-door hourly fee and the basic fee for the Advisement will be charged. 

All Adoption Services are provided by California licensed LCSW or LMFT and we are certified Adoption Service Providers (ASP).

Central Counseling Services is committed to providing quality services and we will make every effort to complete all necessary paperwork in a timely manner to facilitate your adoption and provide you with peace of mind.

Areas We Serve

Central Counseling Services offers Adoption Services to Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties. If you need assistance in any other county please contact us for special consideration. 

The basic forms are listed below; please print them and returned them either by fax or email. 


  1. Birth Mother Hx.
  2. Birth Father Hx.
  3. Statement of Understanding
  4. Intake & Instructions


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