Priscella A. Jaen, LPHA, LCSW

I have been working as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Healing Arts Practitioner for three years, and as a Master's Level Social Worker for the past eight years. I have studied plant medicine, aromatherapy, energy work, nutrition and trauma recovery for the past 13 years. In my work, I utilize intuition, ancient medicine, and modern evidence-based interventions & theories in order to assist with the holistic brain rewiring process for those who are seeking to learn to trust their inner self while making peace with their relationships, and Divine. In our healing journey, it is up to us to decide how we will proceed, which is dependent on what we long for, where we have been, and who we are becoming. It has been my honor and my privilege to journey alongside nearly 1,000 individuals in their own unique and personal healing story.