Jennifer Vermillion, MA, MFT Registered Intern


Jennifer Vermillion

Hi, I am a recent addition to Central Counseling Services however, I have has plenty of experience and passion as a child therapist. I see children as needing a safe space to share their daily pressures of navigating school, relationships, home and family concerns as well as just growing  up to be happy and healthy. Because the language of children is play I use play therapy to work with children and help them work though their fears and anxieties. Sometimes our world seems big and overwhelming to children and my job is to help break it down and ultimately help your child succeed in life.

Additionally, I  work with at risk youth,(probation and CPS)  and adults who have experienced trauma such a being being victims of crime, natural disasters, or had a life altering experience. I have found my training in Trauma Focused CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)  to work well in eliminating the symptoms of trauma such as sleep disturbances, fear, anxiety, lack of concentration, distraction, memory issues or flashbacks.

I also enjoy working with divorced or separated parents to help facilitate "parallel parenting" when children live in 2 households or even one household when parents are not on the same parenting page. Developing a  working relationship with your ex is my goal. “It takes one person to change a family”.  I can help you create that change for the benefit of you precious child. You child has only one shot at having a fantastic childhood. Let's work together to create that today; please give me a call.