Fuzzy The Therapy Dog

Fuzzy is our fourteen year old therapy dog. She's a Toy Poodle, and AKC registered although you would never guess it. She's more likely to be PetsMart registered. Fuzzy will welcome you through our doors most days, wagging her tiny tail and asking to say hello. As a poodle she doesn't have any dander, so she is hypoallergenic for those allergic to pets. She's also mellow and does not bite. We do ask that you not pick her up because she is a little frail these days. Tummy rubs are a special treat if she rolls over for you. Fuzzy has a fabulous wardrobe, and has quite a flair with rhinestones and bling. (She was not terribly happy with the manatee costume last Halloween, but loved the sparkly purple leopard gut-up). If you are seeing Jill Fuzzy will join you in session. She has been raised around folks with disabilities and emotional issues, and is good with people of all ages and abilities.