Colleen Duggin, LCSW


I enjoy partnering with you as begin taking steps toward healing and feeling better.  I understand that making the choice to see a therapist may be difficult for you and my goal is to provide a safe and comforting environment for you to work through problems in your life.

 I have spent time helping people who are experiencing social and emotional challenges related to being on the Autistic Spectrum as a result of my past work at Inland Regional Center and I know how difficult and challenging it is to have a child on this spectrum. I understand your fear of an unknown future for your child as well as the daily struggles such as attending school, making friends or meltdowns for no apparent reason. I understand your anguish and frustration for finding the proper help for you child. Call me and let’s begin the important work of supporting you and helping your child.

If you are a parent with a child who has issues with Attention Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Tourette’s syndrome, I have vast experience and knowledge in these areas and will collaborate with you to develop a plan for working with your child, which may include questionnaires about parenting a child with special issues. I will dig in and work with you to find a workable behavioral structure that can help you, the parent and help your child manage the symptoms. I offer you, the stressed and worn out parent who loves their child deeply but are exhausted a safe place to talk and discuss the issues of importance to you. Additionally, we will work together to develop a self-care plan that will help you to reduce the symptoms and enhance coping skills.  This is why I chose Saturday to work to be the most convenient day for most parents.

Please, call me today to set up an appointment, it would be my honor to help you restore control, peace and calmness back into your family.  I am easy to to get a hold of email: or you can text me to set up your appointment (951) 323-2182 or if you wish to speak to a staff member call our main reception @ 951-778-0230. No excuses to not have control of your life.